As A Copywriter, Success Doesn’t Happen By Accident

In our business, there’s no such thing as an “accidental” copywriting career success story.

Even those credited with “overnight” success have often been working on their skills for years.

All too often, they worked alone.

Which made success take longer.

But not anymore …

In 2010, a group of well-connected A-List writers looked back on the key ingredients of their own copywriter success stories.

And they realized the one thing that made a copywriting career sustainable was a supportive community where they could swap stories, share advice and tools, refer business, and support each other.

This particular group had been meeting face-to-face for years, thanks to a shared copywriter training course and a mentor who encouraged them.

There was no question the bonds they’d formed had helped them – individually and collectively – to reach the highest levels of writing success.

Brand-name clients … millions of pieces mailed … speaking engagements … six-figure incomes … published books … even modest celebrity in certain circles.

So – in the spirit of paying it forward – how could they take the power of their small community and make it accessible to other writers?

The answer was a copywriter success community like no other… The Professional Writers Alliance.

The express purpose of the group?

PWA is here to help you achieve success as a direct response copywriter by showing you how to become a copywriter. And, we’ll connect you with the kind of warm, supportive, and resourceful community you need to grow your copywriting career from anywhere in the world.

A bold concept, yes. But one that’s already transformed the lives of hundreds of up-and-coming writers.

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Casey Demchak, PWA Managing Director

Casey Demchak,
PWA Managing Director

The best community for your copywriting career… with a leading copywriter at the helm.

The Managing Director of our group is Casey Demchak, a Denver-based copywriter best known for his book, Essential Sales Writing Secrets, and for his B2B copywriter training program from American Writers and Artists, Inc (AWAI), the Key Message Copy Platform.

Casey brings a special entrepreneurial mindset and business-building flair to our group. And, under his guidance, the PWA is currently expanding its resources, adding more interviews with high-level marketers to provide additional client-getting insights (and opportunities to get hired!) for all PWA members.

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