How Will PWA Membership Boost Your Copywriting Career?

Your copywriter success path will benefit from your PWA membership in countless ways, as any active PWA member will tell you. And, there’s no limit to how much you can grow as a copywriter while you’re a member.

From a newfound sense of credibility as a writer and fresh confidence in your skills to powerful copywriting connections and freelance writing clients, PWA delivers on its career-building promises.

Here’s what some of PWA’s current members have to say about their experience with the organization:

Credibility and tools for copywriter success

Steve Maurer
Fayetteville, AR

“Being a PWA member has given me a sense of extra credibility. The logo is proudly displayed on my site. But even more, the access to the incredible content on the PWA website gives me a place to go to get my questions answered and see what other copywriters are doing.

The biggest benefit is knowing that others are writing professionally and making good money. This lets me know that it’s possible for me to do the same … and I am!

If one of my PWA friends should ask me if they should join, my answer would be a resounding yes! If you take advantage of the writing prompts, the newsletter article and all the other fantastic information on the site, you will have the tools needed to build a successful, professional copywriting business.”

— Steve Maurer
Fayetteville, AR

Immensely helpful access to exclusive copywriting interviews

“I very much enjoyed the PWA interview with Richard Armstrong. It was probing, engaging and very useful for any working copywriter. You asked all the right questions and pushed all the right buttons.

So far, my PWA membership has proved an immensely helpful resource for me. Looking forward to much more from PWA.”

— Lou Wasser
East Stroudsburg, PA

Like apprenticing for a top copywriter…

Steve Roller, Copywriter from Verona WI

Steve Roller
Verona, WI

“I just listened to the PWA “First to Final” with John Forde. Brilliant! I could listen to him all day. I think this may be the most valuable benefit of PWA – the ability to essentially get a “hands-on” look into the methods of an A-level copywriter. The only other way you could experience this is if you were actually apprenticing for a top copywriter…”

— Steve Roller
Verona, WI

Charlotte Hicks Crockett from Wilmington, NC

Charlotte Hicks CrockettWilmington, NC

“The ‘First to Final’ feature of PWA is pure gold! Seeing how an ‘A-level’ copywriter goes from concept to rough draft to final copy is amazing. The lessons I’ve learned from listening to copywriters like Paul Hollingshead and John Forde talk through their process are priceless. It’s as if I’m sitting with them while they work.”

— Charlotte Hicks Crockett
Wilmington, NC

Networking and “fuel” for my copywriting career

“Becoming a member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance legitimatizes the seriousness of my becoming a copywriter. The reinforcement that you receive as a member is real. Networking with fellow copywriters and receiving current information from master copywriters on a week- to-week basis is the fuel that gets me going daily.

Being able to use the PWA seal allows the world to see that I belong to a professional organization. When I visit a Dr.’s office, law firm or that of a Financial professional, I always look for two things: 1. What school have they graduated from? 2. What professional organizations do they belong to? Obviously, being a member of PWA sets the record for number two, and for number one well it’s a no brainer – American Writers & Artists Inc. Becoming a Professional copywriter is my goal and should be yours too.

… Becoming a part of PWA just guarantees your copywriter’s success.”

— Regine Baptiste
Springfield Gardens, NY

Motivated & Inspired – copywriting as a job is doable!

Jerry Bures from Brillion, WI

Jerry Bures
Brillion, WI

“I’m inspired and motivated by the Member Spotlight feature. It’s a lesson in re-fueling to hear others’ stories, knowing that this life of writing from home is doable.”

— Jerry Bures
Brillion, WI

Supportive of copywriting as a job and a lifestyle

“I find being able to get quick answers to pressing questions I have about anything to do with copywriting very useful.”

Bruce Waller

“I like people and I like people with similar dreams and desires as I have. Being a member of the PWA gives me both. Why, because the constant sharing of ideas and views inspires me and keeps my copywriting fresh and up to date with what is going on around the world of writing.”

— Richard Boyd
Morrilton, AK

“I am simply amazed at the depth and knowledge that is presented to me. I have received so much support and training that I can’t begin to thank you all for the massive resources available to me.”

John Rodriguez
Spring Hill, FL

Alliance dollars offer incredible savings on copywriter training

Sarah Disney

Sarah Dizney

“Whoo-hoo! I JUST ordered the AWAI program for B2B, and I discovered that as a PWA Member, I not only got 50% off the listed price, but I had $79 in my Alliance Dollar account that I could apply. So a program that originally cost over $400 cost me less than $200. I am happy about that!”

— Sarah Dizney

Not just for beginners – established copywriting careers benefit, too.

Janice Sakata-Shultze

Janice Sakata-Shultze

“I actually like being part of this group, apart from the regular AWAI group, because I have some background with copywriting and am not a complete newbie. So I feel like I am communicating with like-minded people with different areas of experience and background. I get inspired by the individuals who share their stories on this site.”

— Janice Sakata-Shultze
Denver, CO

Debbie Chang

Debbie Change

“There’s not a day that goes by I don’t find some jewel of training at the site.”

Debbie Chang

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