Laura Gale & Rachel Mazza: Launching a Podcast with a Friend

As a part of our deep dive into podcasting for writers, The Professional Writers’ Alliance reached out to Laura Gale and Rachel Mazza, the power duo behind the popular Business of Writing podcast.

Laura Gale is an internationally renowned ghostwriter who offers a boutique service that specializes in writing, publishing and marketing powerful, profitable books for B2B entrepreneurs. In addition to the books she publishes for others (including Carline Anglade-Cole’s best-selling My Life as a 50+ Year Old White Male: How a Mixed-Race Woman Stumbled Into Direct Response and Succeeded!), Laura is also the author of industry how-to classics How to Write This Book and the Ghost Protocol training program.

Rachel Mazza is a copywriter and sales funnel consultant who specializes in lowering traffic costs by warming up cold traffic. If that sounds dull, check your bottom line. Rachel can and WILL transform your business from the bottom up, filling in the missing pieces between the first customer touch point and the final sale. When she’s not helping her clients increase conversions and revenue, she teaches freelancers how to improve their copy and write stories that sell.

Between them, Laura and Rachel have multiple decades of experience at the highest levels of our writing world. So when they launched a podcast together, smart writers paid attention.

Now, with more than 75 episodes available to stream now, the BOW podcast has settled on a unique format that blends co-host conversations with special guests. I’ve never seen anything less than a 5-star rating for their show, but to me the best thing about it was the warmth of the friendship behind it.

So I contacted Rachel and Laura to see if they’d share a few of their secrets and lived experiences from podcasting as friends.

Inside this PWA-exclusive 18 minute clip about launching a podcast with a friend, you’ll learn:

  • Why you might want to start a podcast to grow your writing business, including the 4 reasons they launched their own show
  • When it’s NOT a great idea for a writer to do a podcast (Laura’s short list of self-questions are must-answer points if you’re even considering it)
  • The one big thing to be sure you agree on with your co-host if you choose to podcast with a friend
  • How to navigate the conversations about who is responsible for what on a shared show (so you can keep your friend AND keep the podcast going, too)
  • The biggest “upside” to having a co-host working with you to do a show — including multiple examples you can use to assess whether your proposed podcaster partner is going to be a good choice
  • What keeps the podcast fun — and what to do if it’s not fun anymore (knowing your seasons, “shelf life”, and how to stop with grace)
  • Plus much, much more…

Laura Gale & Rachel Mazza – Launching a Podcast with a Friend

As Rachel mentioned, you’re welcome to reach out to her and Laura both to ask more questions about podcasting with a friend via their BOW Facebook group — and they’d love to see you as a regular listener to their show.

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