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News & Notes — May 2022

Learn how you could boost your mental health and lose weight while you discover that a little self-care goes a long way. Plus, win cash prizes this summer!

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Money Talk!

AMA on Freelance Income 
Recorded: April 21, 2022

Paul Millerd

Taking The Pathless Path 

Recorded:  March 22nd, 2022

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Three women standing together in a conference hallway - Jen Adams, Joyce Hollman, and Lisa Christoffel

Lisa Christoffel: How Writers Profit From The New B2B Boom

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Savings thrift poverty taxes riches couch cushion money dollars dimes nickels and quarters

AMA on Freelance Cashflow, Writer Income, and Money Matters

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Blonde woman analyzes her business in a notebook with stacks of cash nearby

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Money Mix

Guest Writer Series

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Meet The Winners Of Our 2021 Learn, Try, Win Challenge

Meet the four winners of our 2021 Learn, Try, Win challenge and make sure you read each essay to see what you could do to add clients to your career now.


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Customize This: Copy Project Contract

Use this as a template for your own contracts with clients. Generously shared with us by Bob Bly, his "boiler plate" contract format is easy to use, well appointed and professional … but simple and plain enough to not sound like a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo.

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Bob Bly’s Copywriter Kit

This legacy kit from the legendary Bob Bly includes sample contracts … letters of agreement … telephone scripts … rate sheets … that you can use as a model when building your own freelance copywriting business. [Note: Refresh underway - watch this space for updates!]