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News & Notes — October 2021

There’s a monster market hungry for your skills right now. Check out the live events, book club pick, job leads and more in this month’s News & Notes.

PWA Live Events

Heather Robson

Digital Copywriting Trends
Recorded September 29th, 2021 

Lisa Christoffel

The B2B Boom: Make The Most Of Today's B2B Work Explosion 

Upcoming October 29th @ 2 pm ET

Recent Additions

Ask the Experts

Heather Robson, Managing Editor of Wealthy Web Writer

Heather Robson: Digital Copywriting Trends to Watch

Member Spotlight

Michele Peterson headshot

Michele Peterson’s In-Person Networking Tips

Action Steps

A folded $100 bill left behind on outdoor steps

Expand The Online Part Of Your Business

Guest Writer Series

Writing Challenges

Meet The Winners Of Our 2021 Learn, Try, Win Challenge

Meet the four winners of our 2021 Learn, Try, Win challenge and make sure you read each essay to see what you could do to add clients to your career now.


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Use your membership to gain instant credibility. Download the logos below and place them on your website, business cards, and promotional materials.

Bob Bly’s Copywriter Kit

This legacy kit from the legendary Bob Bly includes sample contracts … letters of agreement … telephone scripts … rate sheets … that you can use as a model when building your own freelance copywriting business. [Note: 2021 refresh underway - watch this space for updates!]

Direct Response Jobs “Premium” Resume

Along with getting access to and searching the ads posted by marketers looking to hire new writers, your PWA membership now allows you to post your own page that promotes your writing services. It's just like having your own "mini website" directly on our job board, so marketers who want to search for the perfect writer can find and contact you directly.

On, click on the button: Access Your DRJ Premium Resume.

Customize This: Copy Project Contract

Use this as a template for your own contracts with clients. Generously shared with us by Bob Bly, his "boiler plate" contract format is easy to use, well appointed and professional … but simple and plain enough to not sound like a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo.

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As a member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance, you're invited to participate in a members-only private group on LinkedIn

Inside our exclusive closed group, you'll be able to connect and converse with your fellow PWA members and mentors in a direct, real-time way. You can throw out ideas for feedback... share copy, key industry articles, and business plans for review ... or just reach out for support any time you need it.

This is our special, safe place to help each other grow and thrive. Don't miss out - join in today!