Karen Molander: Dealing with Difficult Clients

Karen Molander joined Jen Adams to talk more about how you can improve your client relationships one contract, one call, and one conversation at a time.

Karen and Jen discussed:

  • How Karen started her freelance writing career (while still working in healthcare!)
  • What she’s learned about setting up better contracts from the start, so that many of the most challenging client situations — like scope creep, ghosting, and late payments — never end up happening to you
  • How to incorporate active listening into your client conversations so that your clients feel heard (and actually get heard, too)
  • What to do to take emotionally charged client situations down a notch — or even totally diffuse a “drama queen” scenario!
  • Setting boundaries… and then keeping them enforced so that you get the professional respect you deserve throughout the relationship with the client
  • How to spot client relationships worth saving, so that you’re not burning bridges unnecessarily (or watching needed income go up in smoke)
  • What you can do to identify when it’s time to say “We’re through” to a client… and how to have that conversation quickly and effectively when it’s time to cut ties

Plus much, much more… Karen has some highly practical insights to share, all available to you in the recording below:

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