Enter Our New $1,000 “Interesting Times” Cash Writing Challenge

We live in interesting times. Right now, the world is changing fast, and uncertainty is everywhere. What can you, as a writer, do in times like these?

PWA doesn’t have a pat answer, or a one-size fits all recommendation. Instead, we’d like to hear how you’re figuring things out and making life go on in your corner of the writing world.

For our latest cash writing challenge, you’re invited to submit an essay detailing how you’re changing course — or staying the course with fresh conviction — as a result of the current pandemic environment. In 750 – 1000 words, share what your plans were, how they’ve shifted, what you hope will happen, and any advice or inspiration you think would benefit your fellow writers.

The contest opens April 1st, with essays due April 20th. Winners will be announced in the May edition of News & Notes. Submit all entires to pwamonthly@awaionline.com, with the subject line “Interesting Times Challenge”, and be sure to include your name and contact information along with your entry.

Four $250 prizes are up for offer — plus publication credit and the opportunity to be featured as an upcoming PWA spotlight interview!

PWA challenges like these have been the springboards for many new writers have used to get launched, get noticed, and of course, get paid. Past winners include Rachael Kraft, Ricki Linksman, Brad Dunse, and Suzanna Fitzgerald. Just remember… to win, you need to enter. Don’t miss that April 20th deadline!