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Writing Direct Response Packages: A 20+ Year Veteran Shares His Success Secrets

John Forde

Master copywriter John Forde reveals his secrets for writing a powerful direct response package.

John Forde is a master-level copywriter. He has been writing winning direct response packages for twenty years, and his work has sold untold millions in the financial, health, and travel industries. He’s also a talented mentor, having coached many copywriters to writing their own million dollar packages.

John Forde uses a specific process for writing a direct response package, and in this presentation, he walks you through the steps he takes to write brilliant copy.

During this presentation John shares many secrets behind writing a great direct response package, including:

  • The importance of spending some time talking to the champions behind the product you’re writing for.   
  • How challenging your client’s beliefs can help you mine copywriting gold.
  • Why the best writing is not a solitary venture.
  • Why writing a direct response package should be an overwhelming experience… how to prepare for it… and why it’s secretly a good thing.
  • And much more

If you’ve ever wanted to see the step-by-step process that a master level copywriter goes through, this is your chance. John Forde’s process makes it clear what goes into writing a successful direct response package.

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