Is Your Mojo Kaput?

By Terry Stone | June 1, 2020

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Mine was… until March 16, 2020. The day my world turned topsy-turvy.

My husband and I were enjoying lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Then… BOOM. We got the word. In-house dining across the state would close at 5pm. That day!

Multiple state and federal health mandates followed. Social distancing… no schools… no church gatherings… no non-essential travel.

No gym… no movie theatres… no salons. Tons of shops and facilities closed. Curbside pickup limited. Or… not at all.

Lives in crisis… what’s next?

Travel plans cancelled. Family get-togethers – only on FaceTime.

Every day… heart-wrenching news worldwide. People suffering. COVID-19 struck fast… and, far-to-often, with a deadly hit.

Within a day I was home. Like, do not pass GO… do not collect $200… home.

Funny. I never realized how much time my daily activities demanded. Same 24-hour day, but I had more time. A LOT more.

This is embarrassing but…

During 2008… I joined AWAI. And quickly became an Infinity Member. I love writing – always have. And AWAI programs would help me establish professional writing credentials.

Good plan. Except – news alert… actual work required! Total focus. And discipline.

But life happens. A job, family commitments, travel, hobbies – all outweighed my writing aspirations. Or so I told myself. But the hard truth? Fear of failure…. And, I didn’t consider my writing goals achievable.

Fast forward – 2014. I’m still lurking around AWAI’s website… reading success stories. Considering various AWAI programs. And thinking… maybe I SHOULD get involved.

The Companion Series for AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting opened that year. The ‘live” program was awesome – I actually finished without a hitch.

An AWAI reviewer told me my final direct response sales letter assignment was well written!

Did I follow-up? Umm. No. Not really.

Road to nowhere.

Years passed. Confession…. I suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). Every AWAI program sounded great. I wanted to dive in. Instead – I wasted more time.

A strategic plan to achieve my writing goals? Didn’t have one…

Which brings to mind the Lewis Carroll quote, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Problem was, I wasn’t ON a road – my car was still parked in the garage!

I told my negative inner voice… Shut-up!

I always planned on getting “around to” my writing… “one day.” And working for paying clients. But… “one day” never comes.

Why did I wait so long? Mostly fear. Fear my writing wouldn’t pass muster. Fear my writing target was only a pipe dream.

Fear kept me dangling on the fence… a LONG time!

A new reality.

My mindset shifted toward a bigger vision… when the COVID-19 crisis hit.

This dangerous pandemic presents serious challenges – but also countless opportunities.

Contributing resources to first responders and communities. Helping struggling friends and neighbors. Considering what’s important versus what’s simply “noise.”

Preserving positive habits – after the calamity calms.

I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner…

Finding my “why.” Reframing my priorities. Establishing clear and measurable goals. Approaching writing with laser-focus and complete discipline.

I’m facing miles of writing and hours of studying ahead. And I say… bring it!

I’ve grabbed TWO ladder rungs… to advance my writing skills – in the last 30 days!

AWAI introduced an 8-week program a few weeks ago – a “live” opportunity called “Ultimate Email Copywriting Mentorship” with Guillermo Rubio. Perfect timing!

Understanding and practicing email marketing campaigns – while becoming a better writer? I’m in! And so far, it’s a terrific learning experience.

Days later, AWAI announced the Writer’s Starter Kit accompanied by a “live” 14-Day “Writer’s Launch Party” – administered by several AWAI experts.

This “live” twist on an existing AWAI program presented a unique opportunity to fast-track my writing business.

I sped to registration and jumped – feet first!

Each day I’m glued to Facebook for the live discussion and work units at the Writer’s Launch Party. Listening. Learning. Absorbing gold nuggets from several professional writers… and my fellow students.

This program is a goldmine for anyone launching a writing business. Folks who might need a kick-start (like me) to focus. Or writers seeking to sharpen business skills.

This 14-day “fire-hose” Writer’s Starter Kit experience… exhilarating! The “live” setting… giant confidence booster.

Here’s the thing…

I’ve finally punched my “Advance to GO” ticket after 12 years of dilly-dallying. I quit dreaming and started doing. I’m hip-deep in learning. And writing… for my two current programs. 

I’m committing time. Discipline. And the work to succeed. I’m building writing and business skills. Each day.

And… my car is out of the garage! I’m rolling along country roads now – but I’ll be zooming down interstates soon. My car WILL hit bumps along the way… but that’s okay. I’ll get where I’m headed… now that I know exactly which direction to drive.

How about it?

Any aspiring writer can take steps forward. Make a plan. Clarify your goals… push toward them. Start small and focus on one program if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Take advantage of the changing environment… join an AWAI program. Search the vast amount of free information on AWAI’s website – if you get stuck.

Find YOUR inner mojo. Expand YOUR vision of success. You CAN achieve your writing life.

I’ll give you a wave and a thumbs up…when you join me on the “road” to success!

This article is part the series: Interesting Times 2020 Challenge Winners